Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cards and Dog Fur

You looking over there to the right? Are ya'? Huh? Huh? Melody G sent 17 beautiful cards which I just popped into the Gallery. Every one of 'em's a gem, too. She's a gal pal from Scrappy Jo's -THANK YOU, Melody/finallymama!
It's warm here and I noticed how spent DaBoys were when we got back from our walk a little bit ago, especially Charlie . Now my two Chi's, Charlie and Sammy, could not be more different. As far as their coats go, Sammy has fur that's sleek and light giving him a cute naked belly that freezes in the winter. But when summer rolls around, this guy's ready for the heat. Charlie, on the other hand, is the hairiest dog I've ever seen. He even has a dark patch of hair on his chest shaped just like a hairy guy's. I kid you not - the kids joked about getting him one of those strappy undershirts. His undercoat is so thick we've been saying all winter that he's not round, he's just fluffy. Poor little sausage-shaped Charlie -turns out we were right! I just spent a half hour on the back step brushing him and freed him of skeins of fur. I should have done this weeks ago, because an alert bird could have snatched up enough doggie fur to build a condo. When we were finally finished, Charlie fairly pranced into the house, perkier and streamlined and svelte.
Ken took one look at him and started to laugh at him jumping and dashing around the house. You might not be able to tell it from this picture of them above (they're patiently waiting until I get off this computer and go create a lap for them to sit on), but Charlie's on the left and he really does look skinnier!
If only it were that easy for me!


  1. Give me a brush - I'll use it on you! But only if you'll return the favor...

    What a great thing that Melody sent all those cards! Fantastic!

  2. Cute, cute, cute. I love animal pictures. Thanks for sharing.