Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Cards - Some, at Least!

Do inanimate objects need mothers?
Because if it's possible, my computer and camera are apparently in need of someone to "mother" them into making peace with each other. I've had some progress, but they're not 100% harmonious yet. Let's just say they've stopped trying to hurt each other but they're not being polite to each other yet. Maybe I need to make them sit in the corner and hold hands. Nah. Didn't work when the kids were little. Whapping stuff didn't work either, but it did make me feel better. Oh well.
In the meantime, I did manage to get Kristen Hallenbeck's cards uploaded to the gallery! Did you notice, hmmm??? The gallery's getting so full of beautiful cards that you might as well go full screen, sit back with your popcorn and settle in for the show!
Hopefully, I can get Kim Galea's cards uploaded tomorrow because this weekend is the Spring Crop at My Sketch World. WOOHOO!! Been waiting on this for quite awhile. I've put together an Easy Peasy Pop-Up Card tutorial challenge for the crop which is a lot of fun because it's . . . well, easy. And peasy, whatever in the heck that is. My mission is to make the world stop fearing pop up cards, a fear not exactly worthy of government funded research, but certainly worth addressing. As a matter of fact, that's one of my cards you see above. I cut it out in the shape of a purse, so even those folks who have never made and decorated a card before can fear not this challenge.
What's that you say? You want to see the fun pop up stuff inside???
Well, you're just going to have to peek in on the crop this weekend to see that part.
That's me, working on my mommy voice. Could you tell??
In the meantime, stop reading this drivel and take a gander at all the beautiful cards in the gallery for our Brunch for Boobies fundraiser. Then jump in on the crop fun at this weekend.
That was the mommy voice again.
Don't make come over there.

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