Sunday, March 29, 2009

Calling All Cards for Breast Cancer

The response for handmade cards has been amazing. Humbling, actually.
I've just posted my request here and on a couple of scrapbooking websites, but already I'm getting emails from people I don't even know.
Some tell me their stories of how breast cancer touched a loved one. Some tell me their stories of surviving breast cancer.
All of them want to help.
I'll snap a pic of every card I receive and post it over there to the right, so stay tuned. I daresay I'll end up with one of the most beautiful galleries of handmade cards anywhere!
I need your help with this. If you haven't told everyone you know about this fundraiser, please do. Just link them to this blog, or my original post below. Give them my email address, and ask them to pass the word around to others they know. And please mention it on your blog!
More cards = more funds raised for Susan G. Komen for the Cure = more mammograms and research money and awareness programs. And that = lives saved.
Maybe my mom's.
Maybe someone you love.
Maybe even yours.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Calling All Cards for Breast Cancer!

See my mom and dad.
See mom get breast cancer.

See mom beat breast cancer.

See mom get cancer again.

If you’re like most people, you probably know at least one person who has had breast cancer. Maybe you’re a breast cancer survivor yourself. (Bless you.)

Donations and research and mammograms and publicity have brought monumental achievements in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer for sure. But no cure. Breast cancer is still rampant. and that’s why I’m on the offensive once again.

To honor my mom, I walked in the 60 Mile Breast Cancer 3Day Walk in Cleveland in 2007. This year on May 31st, we’re hosting a fundraiser - our First Annual Brunch for Boobies here in Ohio. On top of fabulous food, of course, the highlight of this brunch will be a terrific Chinese Auction. We think big and are pretty darn good at begging, so there’s going to be an amazing array of fabulous goodies in this auction.

Since all of our auction items are going to be exclusive, I’m going to set up a special table to sell handmade cards. Most people who frequent chain stores have no idea what they’re missing when it comes to cards. We expect a ton of people to show up for this event, and I know this is something that would wow them. Wow them into parting with cash!

I'm not asking you for money, but I do have a humble request:

1. Please send me just one of your beautiful cards for our Chinese auction. A lovely handmade creation for any occasion. It doesn’t even have to be pink.

2. Then please pass this post on to a friend IRL or online. If that friend would send one card and in turn send this link to someone else. Better yet, if you could post this on your blog the response will be AMAZING!!! There are a ton of caring, talented people out there who would love to help folks like my mom - and all the women battling breast cancer - by donating a card. I just need your help to find them. It will be exciting to see just how big you and I can make this. And it can be big.

All the money raised at the Brunch for Boobies and the sale of your cards will go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure which does amazing work toward eradicating breast cancer. It'll be posted through Brenda Traffis, my dear sweetie pie of a friend who's raising the required $2300 to walk the 3Day this year. See – just mail off a card and look at all the women you're helping.

And here’s a little something else: I’ve set up a gallery here on my blog to show off your cards. See it there off to the right? It'll look so much better when it's showing off your beautiful cards and the title is changed to Cards for Breast Cancer. (Hmmm.. . kind of a lame title.. Any clever suggestions??)

So please take a minute to post below, then email me at and I'll tell you where to send your card. Believe me, you can't put a stamp to any better use than this.
They don’t make words big enough to say how much I appreciate your help. You’ll probably never get to meet my mom, or any of the women you’re helping but they’re all out there. Thousands of them.
And they'd all hug you if they could.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Good News Twofer

Two bits of good news to share - both involving FREE stuff!
The first is a chance to WIN some of the dreamy new collections from Marks Paper Co. I don't know about you, but I am becoming obsessed with these beautiful papers - plus free stuff always gets my attention! Here's the link
While you're there, be sure to check out Bety's cards. They are gorgeous! But hurry - the drawing is tomorrow!

The second bit of news is also about free stuff - not scrappy goodies, but noteworthy free stuff just the same. I work for a real estate developer who owns over 8000 apartments in Ohio, North Carolina, Florida and Texas. My bosses are offering such a nifty little program that it's made news in states where we have no apartments. It's made news in Canada and even London!
It's no secret that the economy stinks. So many folks are worried about being downsized or laid off from their jobs. And all too often, you hear stories about people losing their jobs, then losing that place they call home and ending up on the street.
So my bosses decided to offer people two months FREE RENT if you're laid off or downsized. There are conditions to be met for sure, but the end result is that if you're laid off you've got a place to stay for two months for free. That's a huge chunk of change to spend on groceries, or shoes for the kids or to fill your gas tank so you can look for work. And a huge worry gone from your life. For most honest, hard-working people, just that little bit of help can make all the difference.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if other landlords followed suit???
If you're like me and you've got to work to support your scrapbooking habit, you may as well work someplace you like. And my bosses are such a great bunch of people, I've stayed with them for 13 years. And this program makes me so proud to work for this company.
Kind of ironic that my two freebies are such polar opposites: one involving fun, and the other involving a crisis. But when all is said and done, they're both good news. And the world can always use more of that.
I know you read all the way to the end of this post to find out what in heck any of this has to do with the picture I've posted.
Um. . . . frankly, nothing.
I just think blogs are so much more interesting with photos, and its the first one I pulled up. So meet Sammy, one of my chihuahuas. He thinks every thing I say is good news!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My First MSW Design Team Card

Here's the first card I made as a member of the My Sketch World Card Design Team. I'd like to tell you how much fun I had making this card, but I'd be lying.
Ever had one of those days when you knew - just knew - that you were jinxed? Well, if an inanimate object like . . . oh. . . say, a card can be jinxed, this one was it.
I got four paper cuts while making this thing, and one of them was in that grandaddyofallhurtypapercutplaces - between my thumb and index finger. And I'll just confess up front that I used language unbecoming of Mrs. Baker's daughter.
I don't have a die cut machine, so cutting three ovals next to each other with the hope that they'd all look alike was a real treat, let me tell you. Especially when the only "template" I could find of the right size was my stick of Degree deodorant. I may have uttered some things under my breath a couple of times in frustration.
My solution for the oval problem was to glue a string of beads around the ragged edge of each opening. Somehow, I managed to glue both hands to the card. At the same time. I loosed some salty language while I tried to unstick myself without destroying the entire card.
By now, The Card weighed about five pounds thanks to the beads, metal leaf embelliies and a ton of hot glue.
As it's final act, it took a nosedive off the shelf while I was trying to photograph it. Charlie, one of my nosy chihuahuas, was sitting right below it so I tried to catch it before it beaned him in the noggin'. I knocked over my tripod, which fell into a table lamp which spilled my cup of coffee into my purse.
I said many not nice things. Charlie ran for cover.
So enjoy the picture. The actual Demon Card is now tucked safely away where it can't do anyone harm.
I stuck it in my Bible.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Easy Peasy 3 Minute Envelope

The gals at My Sketch World wanted to know how I make my quickie envelopes for my cards of an odd size. Actually, I've never bought envelopes for my cards. I like to use up those odd pages in the DCWV stacks for envelopes, or I'll stock up when my LSS has those twice-yearly 10 sheets for $1 sales. This is SO simple that after the first one, you'll be whippin' these up in no time. Warning: if you're a measuring freak, stop reading. This envelope's so easy because it's based on eyeballing skills and guesstimating.
You'll need just the typical tools for this-
cutting mat
corner rounder with the guide thingy removed
six inch ruler (NOT for measuring)
something to score with (I use the wrong side of a knife blade)
stamps, ink, etc. for optional embellishing
Note that my bone folding tool is conspicuously absent, thanks to one very cute but naughty chihuahua who shall remain nameless.

Start by laying your paper face down, place the card on it and fold up from the bottom to cover about 2/3 of the card. Now would be a nice time to crease with a bone folding tool if you're fortunate enough to own an unchewed one.
Fold the top down, but don't snug it up to the card. Make sure that this creases the paper about 1/4 bigger than the card itself. You've now made the flaps that will form the body of your envelope.
Move the folded paper and the card to your trimmer. Using the card as a rough guide, cut away the excess paper leaving it at least an inch wider than the card.

Now for the end flaps. Unfold the paper and make slits at each end of the two fold lines. 4 slits in all.

You can do this next step without the trimmer but I'm not a good scissor-er so I slap it back on the trimmer and cut away a 1/2 inch or so. I start by slicing down from the top of the sheet and then up from the bottom of the sheet, leaving a wider part in the middle to form the end flaps. Turn it around and do the other side of the sheet.

Be careful not to overcut - finish with a snip from your scissors instead.

Use the corner rounder on the end flaps. Notice I've removed the guide. Also notice that I'm using it upside down so I can see if I've got it lined up correctly.
This is what your envelope should look like now, trimmed for end flaps and ready for take off.

Using the ruler as a guide, score the end flaps and fold.

Now's a good time to turn the sheet over and
stamp or embellish it to your heart's content

Since the flaps that form the body of the envelope will overlap by quite a bit (remember the guesstimate warning!) you'll need to glue each flap separately. So turn the envelope face down, and apply adhesive along the top edge of the top flap, on the wrong side of the paper.
Then apply adhesive to the edge of the bottom flap, but this time on the right side of the paper. Fold the top flap down over the bottom flap and press to seal.
Apply adhesive to one end flap; fold and seal. Insert card. If I'm not mailing the card right away, I apply a strip of Scotch Scrapbooking Tape to the remaining end flap without removing the backing. Or you can use Pam's Lick and Stick Glue on this flap
TaDa! Look at the lovely envelope you just made!

Now go snap a picture and PLEASE post it here. I'd love to see your results!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ugh. First Monday after we lost an hour for daylight savings time. Always a day of such cheer, she said sarcastically. May I just say how much I HATE daylight savings time? It's not the "falling back" in the autumn I mind. Heck, I'll take an extra hour anytime. It's the "springing forward" part I hate. No matter how hard I try, there's always one dippy clock I forget to change. This time, it was the clock on my desk and my wristwatch. By 12:30 today I was starving. Well, of course I was starving because it was actually 1:30! Aaaarrgghhh. My stomach doesn't get DST either.
Here's the only sane way to do this thing if we must-
Fall back on Saturday night, just like always. But spring forward on a Monday afternoon, say around 2PM. That way, everyone gets their lunch hour but we also get a shorter afternoon. Workers across America would be so ecstatic they'd work extra hard on such afternoons, and I dare say employers would see a marked increase in production on Spring Forward Days.
Not buying it? Me neither. So let's plan to spring forward next year at 2PM on a FRIDAY afternoon.
Now that's a stimulus plan everyone can love!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

This blog has been weighing on my mind all week because I haven't had time to post. It's grown to feel more like an obligation this week. ("Blogigation"???) Just what I needed - something else to remind me how behind I am!
Had brunch with the pre cana team from my husband's church. We're the token interfaith couple on this team since I'm not Catholic. I was not at all sure about joining this group but it seemed to mean alot to DH, so I agreed to try it for a year. It's been so great that this is our fourth year. These people are not at all what I expected. They're fun and flawed and don't have perfect marriages and are not always full of faith. In other words, they're just just like us. Brunch today was typical of our get togethers - we laughed the whole time. Our retreat for the young married couples is next weekend and I've got so much to do before then. I could use that extra hour back that we lost last night!

Monday, March 2, 2009

My Monday Morning

BRRRR! Boy, was the wind bitter this morning! I felt bad getting my two Chi's, Charlie and Sammy, out from under their snuggly blankets to go outside. Most mornings, they zip down the back steps and across the windy driveway to do their business, dragging me out the door by their leashes. Then we set out on a brisk half hour walk to make sure no strange dogs have visited the neighborhood overnight. But on mornings like this, it's not unusual for them to be on their way back inside by the time I clear the bottom step.
However, my glove got stuck on the door handle this morning and by the time I got out the door, both dogs had already decided it was waaay too cold to venture far. When I looked down, Charlie had managed to do both No. 1 AND No. 2 on the bottom step. Sammy was a little more adventurous and was using a nearby landscaping rock as his target. They both rocketed back into the house, gladly giving up their morning walk in exchange for some warmth. I trailed them back inside, got them out of their leashes and gave them their treat. Then I gave them each a little good morning snuggle and filled their food and water dishes. Before I went upstairs to take my shower, though, I grabbed a couple paper towels and my coat, and headed back outside to clean up the gift Charlie left on the step. No sir. Wouldn't want to start our Monday morning by stepping in that!
But what did I find? It was already (ick) frozen to the step! Did I mention it was bitter cold??
Someone who'd already had a cup of coffee might have thought to make use of the shovel stashed a mere two feet away behind the hydrangea bush. A thinking person might have remembered the new metal pooper scooper tucked next to the steps. But it was 5:55AM and I had neither coffee nor functioning brain cells, so my thoughts took a different track.
I went back into the house, filled a small bucket with hot water and threw it on the step with enough force to wash everything into the flower bed.
Did I mention it was bitter cold?
45 minutes later, I rushed out the back door to go to work, slipped off the top step and cleared the rest of them by a good ten feet at least. It must have been truly spectacular to see. Probably a 9.5 or even a 10.
When I got my wits about me, I collected my purse, lunch, and other goodies strewn about the driveway and limped off to the garage. Nothing broken. Couple o' things bruised, though, including my ego. I decided that the next time I'll just leave the present on the bottom step. Maybe put a tissue over it so I won't forget and step on it. Or set up some crime scene tape around it until the weather warms up.
But there's this much about it: when your day starts out like that, you've got nowhere to go but up. That is if you can get up at all.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I am so far behind in LO's, cards and working on the wedding invitations I'm doing that this passion for papercrafts and scrapping is starting to be not fun for the first time ever.
I have an ever-growing list o' scrappy-type things I have to do - and it's scary. And that's not taking into account the other things in life like going to work (and having my head also at work) or getting the seeds started for this summer's garden or finally making the new curtains for my kitchen. Or grabbing a cup of coffee with the girls. Or spending the weekend visiting my kids.
It doesn't help that I am not a speedy scrapper. I am about half an hour away from finishing the LO I started last evening. I worked on it from 7 until midnight and was so happy that I nearly finished it. I never start and finish a project in the same day. I can brood and stew over a single LO for a week or more before it finally comes together. Same with cards.
I see all these little counter thingies on everyone's blogs saying they're doing "50 LO's a week!" or "20 cards by Friday!" and I am amazed. Do these people sleep and eat? Who cleans their house? Do they have kids/husbands/dogs/friends/a life outside scrapping???
That question's been bugging me for weeks. So here's what I've figured out.
I think there's some sort of top secret Stepford segment to this industry that no one talks about. Some clandestine headquarters where the head scrapbooking honchos lure rabid scrapofiles with promises of new paper and then turns them into ultracreative, picture perfect, hypertalented papercrafters who scrap and blog and post faster than the rest of us could ever hope to.
That's the only answer. Cuz I don't see anyone else out there like me, struggling to keep up and wondering if their passion is supposed to make 'em stressed.
A blog is a nice place to vent and it's been lovely chatting at you, but I've got to go.
It's time to foldlaundrywhilemakingcardsandwalkingthedogs.
Wish me luck.