Sunday, March 1, 2009

I am so far behind in LO's, cards and working on the wedding invitations I'm doing that this passion for papercrafts and scrapping is starting to be not fun for the first time ever.
I have an ever-growing list o' scrappy-type things I have to do - and it's scary. And that's not taking into account the other things in life like going to work (and having my head also at work) or getting the seeds started for this summer's garden or finally making the new curtains for my kitchen. Or grabbing a cup of coffee with the girls. Or spending the weekend visiting my kids.
It doesn't help that I am not a speedy scrapper. I am about half an hour away from finishing the LO I started last evening. I worked on it from 7 until midnight and was so happy that I nearly finished it. I never start and finish a project in the same day. I can brood and stew over a single LO for a week or more before it finally comes together. Same with cards.
I see all these little counter thingies on everyone's blogs saying they're doing "50 LO's a week!" or "20 cards by Friday!" and I am amazed. Do these people sleep and eat? Who cleans their house? Do they have kids/husbands/dogs/friends/a life outside scrapping???
That question's been bugging me for weeks. So here's what I've figured out.
I think there's some sort of top secret Stepford segment to this industry that no one talks about. Some clandestine headquarters where the head scrapbooking honchos lure rabid scrapofiles with promises of new paper and then turns them into ultracreative, picture perfect, hypertalented papercrafters who scrap and blog and post faster than the rest of us could ever hope to.
That's the only answer. Cuz I don't see anyone else out there like me, struggling to keep up and wondering if their passion is supposed to make 'em stressed.
A blog is a nice place to vent and it's been lovely chatting at you, but I've got to go.
It's time to foldlaundrywhilemakingcardsandwalkingthedogs.
Wish me luck.


  1. Oh Lori, I can totally relate. I just don't know how these girls whip out all of their creations. It took me 3 hours to do a card friday night,LOL!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments about my son.
    Where in Ohio are you?

  2. In Lake County, east of Cleveland.

  3. LOL well some days I wonder how I do it myself LOL I am such a slow scrapper and to have set a goal so high is hard but has been do-able for me. I do have a life I am a SAHM of 2 girls and while they are at school I "play" of course there are chores to be done and I do them in between. Since both my girls are teens never know when/if they will be around on the weekends. So I just go with the flow.

  4. Lori, I am in the same club as you are. I am slow at scrapping. I won't blame it on age. (Although, that is part of the answer.) I get so excited about having a minute away for life that I can't make up my mind on what technique or design I want to use. It doesn't help that I don't have a dedicated space for scrapping & all my stuff is in every corner of my house. How is this so, when I was the most organized person ever. (That was about 30 or so years ago, but never the less I was very organized.)

    When I have orders for cards, I don't really scrapping. I prefer to just make my projects at my own pace.

    The other day, I had to make a birthday card for one of our crop group members. It took more than half the day and I was using a card I found on the web as a guide.

    I am really scrap challenged!

  5. I think that for some people the more they scrap the faster they get. I've got minimally faster over time, so give it time and you'll be whipping out cards in 15 minutes (is that even possible?!).
    In other news, I recently got a blog award and would love to pass it on to you. Visit my blog for details.