Thursday, March 19, 2009

My First MSW Design Team Card

Here's the first card I made as a member of the My Sketch World Card Design Team. I'd like to tell you how much fun I had making this card, but I'd be lying.
Ever had one of those days when you knew - just knew - that you were jinxed? Well, if an inanimate object like . . . oh. . . say, a card can be jinxed, this one was it.
I got four paper cuts while making this thing, and one of them was in that grandaddyofallhurtypapercutplaces - between my thumb and index finger. And I'll just confess up front that I used language unbecoming of Mrs. Baker's daughter.
I don't have a die cut machine, so cutting three ovals next to each other with the hope that they'd all look alike was a real treat, let me tell you. Especially when the only "template" I could find of the right size was my stick of Degree deodorant. I may have uttered some things under my breath a couple of times in frustration.
My solution for the oval problem was to glue a string of beads around the ragged edge of each opening. Somehow, I managed to glue both hands to the card. At the same time. I loosed some salty language while I tried to unstick myself without destroying the entire card.
By now, The Card weighed about five pounds thanks to the beads, metal leaf embelliies and a ton of hot glue.
As it's final act, it took a nosedive off the shelf while I was trying to photograph it. Charlie, one of my nosy chihuahuas, was sitting right below it so I tried to catch it before it beaned him in the noggin'. I knocked over my tripod, which fell into a table lamp which spilled my cup of coffee into my purse.
I said many not nice things. Charlie ran for cover.
So enjoy the picture. The actual Demon Card is now tucked safely away where it can't do anyone harm.
I stuck it in my Bible.


  1. Oh Lori!

    You made me laugh out loud, literally - again!

    Sorry about the card difficulties. It is cute though! Glad it is tucked away safely where it can not hurt another soul.


  2. I am rolling on the floor! The coffee into the purse is just too hysterical. I am sorry you had such a horrible time with this card because it did turn out to be just gorgeous.

    I also love where you have will make the perfect book mark in your Bible.

  3. Oh dear what a series of events. But how it made me laugh.But on the bright side the card looks fabulous!!!

  4. OMGosh what a FUNNY story!!!!!!!! I'm so hoarse no one can hear me but DH heard my squeaking which was supposed to be laughter. ;) TFS! BTW - I LOVE the card!!!

  5. I love this card, it was truly made with LOVE, blood, guts & animal fur.

    I hope those small, tiny, insignificant little series of events don't scare you away.

    You do great work!

  6. I just came across this story. As I was ready it my son came running into the living room to see if I was ok. I had tears running down my face and apparently sound like I was crying hysterically! Thank you for sharing.