Monday, March 9, 2009

Ugh. First Monday after we lost an hour for daylight savings time. Always a day of such cheer, she said sarcastically. May I just say how much I HATE daylight savings time? It's not the "falling back" in the autumn I mind. Heck, I'll take an extra hour anytime. It's the "springing forward" part I hate. No matter how hard I try, there's always one dippy clock I forget to change. This time, it was the clock on my desk and my wristwatch. By 12:30 today I was starving. Well, of course I was starving because it was actually 1:30! Aaaarrgghhh. My stomach doesn't get DST either.
Here's the only sane way to do this thing if we must-
Fall back on Saturday night, just like always. But spring forward on a Monday afternoon, say around 2PM. That way, everyone gets their lunch hour but we also get a shorter afternoon. Workers across America would be so ecstatic they'd work extra hard on such afternoons, and I dare say employers would see a marked increase in production on Spring Forward Days.
Not buying it? Me neither. So let's plan to spring forward next year at 2PM on a FRIDAY afternoon.
Now that's a stimulus plan everyone can love!

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