Sunday, March 29, 2009

Calling All Cards for Breast Cancer

The response for handmade cards has been amazing. Humbling, actually.
I've just posted my request here and on a couple of scrapbooking websites, but already I'm getting emails from people I don't even know.
Some tell me their stories of how breast cancer touched a loved one. Some tell me their stories of surviving breast cancer.
All of them want to help.
I'll snap a pic of every card I receive and post it over there to the right, so stay tuned. I daresay I'll end up with one of the most beautiful galleries of handmade cards anywhere!
I need your help with this. If you haven't told everyone you know about this fundraiser, please do. Just link them to this blog, or my original post below. Give them my email address, and ask them to pass the word around to others they know. And please mention it on your blog!
More cards = more funds raised for Susan G. Komen for the Cure = more mammograms and research money and awareness programs. And that = lives saved.
Maybe my mom's.
Maybe someone you love.
Maybe even yours.

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