Saturday, April 11, 2009


Snapped this pic while walking DaBoys this morning. Sunny, cold - apparently the perfect day to sniff and tinkle on every little thing if you're a dog!
Ahhhh. . . I have a day of indulgence ahead of me. Not "spa indulgence," but a day where there's not too many things that have to be done leaving lots of the day to do things I want to get done.
Coffee with The Girls first, which both grounds me and inspires me. We'll work on the Brunch for Boobies coming up in May (scroll down and read earlier posts if you're new here. Oh, and if you are new - welcome!). We'll check up on Karen with her full time job, family and law school. And see how Eileen's hubby and dad are doing. And how many gazillion miles Brenda walked this week in training for the 3Day. And all the fun, crazy things Erin's up to. We'll laugh a ton. Someone will say something that will make us snort coffee out our noses. And I will hum all the way home cuz these ladies just make my heart sing.
Then I'm SCRAPPING!!! I'm hot on the trail of the last perfect touch for a LO I'm submitting to be considered for May Guest Creative Team Designer over at Scrappy Jo's. Then it's tutorial time. I'll spend the rest of my afternoon with the camera in my left hand photographing my right hand while it makes pop up cards for the Spring Crop over at My Sketch World. (Just call my right hand Vanna.)
And in between all this frivolity, I'll do laundry, walk DaBoys a couple more times and cook a fab dinner for DH who does all the cooking during the week. (Can pot roast be considered "fab?")
But I'm not getting anything done sitting here so I'm off. I hope your Saturday gives you at least a little time to indulge yourself, too. And if you're really busy today, just remember - there's no indulgence like having a little chocolate!!

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