Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blessings, Milestones and Fun Stuff

Snapped this happy little daffodil during my visit to Applegate Farm with my mom yesterday to visit my aunt. She grows everything in her gardens from paw paws to heirloom tomatoes to artichokes. She and my uncle also have an orchard, a pond and a grape arbor. On the animal side, they raise Muscovi ducks and tend to an extensive array of carefully maintained birdhouses and feeders attracting finches and bluebirds and a ton of other beautiful birds I can't name. Watching all these birds feed is like watching a moving rainbow sometimes. They also put out salt licks for the deer, and every evening it's a treat to watch them make their way up to the house with their little fawns. As we neared the farm yesterday, we were greeted by legions of sunny daffodils and narcissus so numerous you could see them a half mile away. The sun was warm, there were bees buzzing about and it was the sort of day where you remember all over again what blessings there are in this world. Beginning of course with family.
This week while the world went about it's business, I achieved a milestone. Nothing earth shattering, but it was another realization that made me stop and be grateful. All of you scrappers who have an online home (or maybe more than one online home) can appreciate the little lift I got from reaching my 1000th post on Scrappy Jo's forum this week. WOOHOO! DH and the kids would tell you how surprised they are that I didn't reach it before, what with my IRL proclivity for gab. But it was a first for me on any online forum, and I seized the spotlight just long enough to let those wonderful ladies know how much they mean to me. That forum really does feel like an online home.
And while I've got your ear for a moment, hop over to My Sketch World ( for their Spring Crop! It started yesterday and goes through Tuesday, but you've got plenty of time to stop in and browse around. The challenges and games are awesome (especially the Pop Up Card Challenge - I hear it's da bomb), and you've got all the way till April 25th to post your work.
I'm going to push myself away from the keyboard now and go play Domestic Goddess. Maybe Domestic Complainer is more accurate because I'm never in the mood for laundry when there's some good scrapping to be done.
I hope your day is full of blessings!

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