Monday, April 27, 2009

Attention Please! Lost Card!

Attention please! We have a lost card going by the name of "Owl." If you've lost your card, please come to the service desk immediately.
Melody G sent me an email saying that - while it was a very nice card - the card with the owl on it was not hers. Uh oh! If it's yours, please let me know so I can give it it's rightful nametag in the gallery.
I know what happened. I toted all the envelopes of cards along with me last Saturday cuz The Girls wanted to fawn over them whilst we continued our plans for the Brunch for Boobies breast cancer fundraiser on May 31st. They were so excited about them! They all oooh'd and aaah'd over them, passing them around and making little piles for themselves - heck, Eileen even plunked down cold hard cash to buy a couple on the spot. Some of them hadn't been photographed yet, and I think in our enthusiasm Owl was put back into the wrong envelope.
Thanks, Melody G for the heads up. And if you made the cute Owl card (is that a stamp???), please email me at or post below so I can give you proper credit.
Hurry! Operators are standing by.

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