Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gallery Blowout!

It’s only 9PM so technically it’s still Saturday and I kept my word: new pics in the Gallery!.

I would have kept my word earlier in the day but Photoshop decided to ignore all the new photos I uploaded. After many hours of frustration (accompanied by whapping things and more than a few choice words), I finally thought of a work-around solution: TWO GALLERIES! A much better idea anyway since talented and generous artists have submitted nearly 80 cards for me to sell at our Brunch for Boobies fundraiser on May 30th! So in the top gallery, you’ll find the lovely creations of

Kim Galea

Suzann Jones

Rosemary Rodriquez

Virginia Wong

Alecia Castro

These ladies join

Wendy West

Toni Archer

Sue Biewer

Lois Belliveau

Cheryl Nyboer

Lisa Moen

Kristen Hallenbeck

In fighting for a cause that’s so critical – curing breast cancer.

Do not fool yourself into thinking that you can’t make a difference in the search for a breast cancer cure. My mom’s situation is a perfect example of little people making a big difference. Following her mastectomy, my mom was cancer free for 14 years. Then cancer came back, and this time it’s inoperable. But the treatment she is receiving now is doing an amazing job of keeping it under control. This treatment is brand new. And it came from research funded by people like you.

That’s right. Like you.

The ladies whose names appear above did something kind and generous, and the far reaching benefits of that single act will help women they don’t even know.

At this very moment, somewhere –maybe in your neighborhood – there’s a woman coping with breast cancer.

Somewhere there’s a young mother wondering how to explain her diagnosis to her children.

Somewhere there’s a woman recovering from a mastectomy and wondering when she’ll begin feeling like a survivor.

And what are you doing with your life today?

If you are a scrapper, send me a card to sell at our Brunch for Boobies fundraiser in May. Just email me at for the address.

Or you can log on here to make a donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure AND help my friend, Brenda, collect the $2500 she needs to walk in Cleveland’s 60 Mile 3Day Walk.

Thanks to everyone who's helping with this effort or saying prayers for my mom and everyone else who has cancer or making a donation to find a cure. Your efforts are are adding up, and I find your many kindnesses truly humbling.

OK. DaBoys have given up hoping I'd hold them (puppies licking my fingers while I'm typing does not improve my spelling) and are now staring at me, all doe-eyed and sad looking. Oh wait, that might actually be their bloated and painful look. Hmmm. . . . methinks it's time for a walk!

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