Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Cards in the Gallery!

Looky over there to the right. See all those beautiful cards??
Nothing better than goodies in the mail, and when I got home today and my mailbox was stuffed with big envelopes. Well, big envelopes and six bills but that's life. Three of the sweet ladies at My Sketch World sent cards for the Calling All Cards to raise money for the 60 Mile 3Day Breast Cancer Walk!
The sweet pink card with adorable butterflies on it is from Wendy West - she sent six of them! Lois Belliveau and Toni Archer sent six cards each as well. I decided that each one I pulled out of the envelope was my favorite - until I pulled out the next one. Aren't they all beautiful!??
You'll find the details in my post below, but I'm going to be selling these cards at a fundraiser on May 31st with every dollar going to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The highlight of our brunch will be one terrific Chinese Auction. We've done Chinese Auctions before and do a pretty darn good job of begging for amazing goodies, if I do say so myself. But I'm beginning to think my table of handmade cards for sale might just take the cake this year!
If you're a scrapper or a card person, please consider sending me one of your cards (or more than one!) for the fundraiser. More cards=more funds raised for mammograms and research to eliminate breast cancer in our lifetime.
There are women out there - maybe someone you know - who is battling this disease. These women would give anything to be able to walk 60 miles for a cure. I walked the 3Day in 2007 in honor of my mom, Ann Baker, whose breast cancer has returned. Everywhere we walked people came out in droves to thank us for our efforts. My "aha moment" came when I saw a message chalked in childish scrawl on the sidewalk in front of a house that had tricycles and toys in the driveway. It read "Thank you for helping my mommy."
No mother should have to worry about her young children growing up without her.
No husband should have to wonder if he's strong enough to help his wife through the horror of breast cancer.
No child should grow up without their mommy.
Please pass the word about Calling All Cards for Breast Cancer. Tell your friends. Post on the scrapbooking sites your visit. Blog about it.
Please - help me get the word out.
Bless you.

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  1. Lori, you can count on me making a few cards. And word has it that Scrappy Jo's Store will also donate a few scrap grab bags as well. Thank you for sharing this opportunity for me to do what I can to support this good cause.