Saturday, April 18, 2009

THE SPRING CROP IS HERE and I ain't talking farming

Yea! It's finally Saturday and time for the spring crop at My Sketch World!! Three glorious days of rockin' challenges, fun games and unbeatable fun! You've got to check it out, especially. . . ahem . . .a certain person's pop up card challenge.
Of course, none of that starts for another five hours. So what in the heck am I doing up???? Insomnia. The most wasteful use of wakefulness ever. Can't go to sleep. Can't concentrate enough to read. Can't turn on the TV or I'll wake DaBoys. So my hyperactive mind came up with a list. These aren't in any particular order - my brain's awake but realllly not organized.
1. Koyuko Tape Runner. Did I spell "Koyuko" right? Who knows- my scraproom is upstairs so I'll just wing it. Anyway, you'll recognize the name when you find it. And when you find it, buy it. Great stuff.
2. Back massages. Every single minute is pure heaven.
3. Fresh flowers. Cheer in a vase.
4. Good shoes. OK, I know the stereotype. But if men had to squish their toes into ridiculous shoes, they'd buy a comfy pair in every color when they found it, too. And then go searching for the next beautiful yet comfy pair to buy in every color.
5. Concert and theatre tickets. I know - ticket prices are exorbitant these days. But nothing beats a great live performance by your favorite musician, or of a really terrific play or opera. The venue, the crowd, the fact that you're IN THE SAME ROOM AS ANDREA BOCELLI!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry. Got carried away there for a minute. You get my drift.
6. Crab. MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
7. High quality dark chocolate. Sigh. There are no words.
8. The perfect gin and tonic.
9. Kiva. Have you found this nifty website yet??? My sweet daughter, Annie, found it when she was in college (bless her heart -true case of the poor helping the poor). It allows you to loan money to people in developing countries to start their own businesses. It's not a donation - you become a banker of sorts, who can pick and choose to whom to lend money. (Wow. The grammar part of my brain is REALLY awake.) What's the payback rate you ask? Over 99%. Of course, you probably will just keep relending your money because the updates you get give you an amazing feel-good connection to the world. Kiva is definitely worth every penny you put into it.
10. Warm milk. I started drinking a glass while writing this post and am finally starting to feel all. . . . . warm. . . . . . . . and sleepy.
. . . . Mmmmm sleep. . . . .
I'm going to very quietly sneak back upstairs and into bed before my brain overpowers the warm milk. Shhhhhh.
I will probably read this post tomorrow and think Good Lord, woman- next time you can't sleep, stay away from the blog. But till then, I'm hopefully off to dreamland for the next . . . um. . . wow. Two hours till the alarm goes off.
Hopefully, I'll run into you at the crop. I'll be the baggy-eyed one hopped up on caffeine, wondering around with little bits of paper glued to her bathrobe.

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