Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cards! Cards! Cards!

So MANY artistic ladies have generously sent beautiful cards for our May Brunch for Boobies 3Day Breast Cancer Walk fundraiser. Every day there's a new envelope of goodies in my mailbox - I love it! Every dollar raised from selling these BEAUTIFUL cards will go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and benefit millions of women across the nation.
What an amazing way to reach out and help someone you may not even know.
My friend Brenda, who is walking in this year's Cleveland 3Day, had an "aha" moment in 2007 when we walked the 60 Mile together. That's her up yonder in our pink tent. We were in a lovely Cleveland suburb on a sunny day and in every driveway and yard were people cheering us on with drinks and snacks and signs and applause. At one house, a beautiful young woman with blond curly hair stood at the end of her driveway with her two small children, handing out water. Brenda stopped for a break and chatted with the woman. The lady told Brenda how much she appreciated the walkers for all their hard work and fundraising. The she reached up and took off her blond curls to reveal a completely bald head. "I'm just finishing chemo," she said quietly. "Thank you for walking for me."
After that, Brenda said her blisters didn't sting so much and her hips didn't ache so badly. The day's 20 mile hike suddenly seemed a privilege.
That's why everyone's help with Calling All Cards for Breast Cancer is so wonderful. Check out the gallery up there to your right. I've added in AMAZING new cards from my friends Cheryl Nyboer, Sue Biewer, Kim Johnson and Lisa Moen - four ladies who've reached out to help women they don't even know. If you'd like to send a card for the fundraiser - or if you have an "aha" moment story to share - let me know. Every small effort in the search for a cure for breast cancer has a ripple effect. Every story we share, every card you send, every dollar we raise puts us one step closer to curing breast cancer in our lifetime.
Imagine - our grandchildren's grandchildren in a cancer-free world.
Talk about an aha moment. . .

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