Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Way to Go, Bridgett!!

Last weekend while I was shuffling around my house in comfy old jeans and no make up, my selfless and civic minded daughter in law, Bridgett, was pedaling her heart out in Columbus. She's over there to the left in the grey shirt. Months ago, Bridgett made a commitment to participate in the Pelotonia Bike Tour for Cancer Research , to help fund the amazing research performed at the The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center - James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. OSUCCC-James saves lives every single day as a result of a top notch staff and their groundbreaking research. You all know at least one person - and probably more - who have dealt with the evils of cancer in its many nefarious forms. The beauty of the Pelotonia Tour is that it hits cancer with funding for research - our only real hope for triumph.
Through heat, humidity, wind then cold and rain, Bridgett applied her characteristic tenacity and drive to train week after week for this 50 mile tour. The fact that she hasn't even been on a bike in 20 years never fazed her.
I can't even imagine what it was like to sit on a regular chair after riding a bike 50 miles. My brain and certain other body parts are cringing right now at the mere thought.
Most of the good things in life are the result of someone deciding to do something bigger than themselves. And last weekend- while her mother in law was sleeping in and taking it easy- Bridgett was making it possible for someone with cancer to feel the warm promise of real hope.
Way to go, sweetie. You make us all so very proud!

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