Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Blog about Nothing. Really.

I know this is terribly Seinfeld of me, but this blog post is really truly about . . . . nothing.
Because for all the planning and scheming and sketching and thinking, I've changed . . . nothing.
Nothing #1
I have planned for several months now to start a second blog for writings about all things nonscrappy. I was going to call my second blog "A Fine Telling," which now seems like an embarassingly egoistical title if I've ever heard one. It came from the album "A Mad and Faithful Telling" by DeVotchka, my favoritest band of all. If you've ever seen the movie "Little Miss Sunshine," you've heard their music. But if you've never checked out their music, get yourself a good bottle of red wine, turn out all the lights and put on their "How It Ends" CD. It will transport you, I promise. Check out their website. My plan was that at the same exact cosmic moment that I launched "A Fine Telling," I was going to post on Scrapinator a layout lifted from this album's web page. It's a truly cool webpage and I just might scraplift it yet cuz it begs for a trusty white Signo pen, don't you think? And while I'm here, how can you not love a band that uses a toy piano and a tuba lit with Christmas lights and sings lyrics like "I would live on the street in a cardboard shack just to worship your feet and the curve of your back"??? A band brave enough to do their own mystical version of Velvet Underground's "Venus in Furs"? A band worthy of music for a movie like "Everything is Illuminated" from one of my all time favorite books??? (Sidebar: I have met one of the last survivors of Trochenbrod. Someday I will tell you about her because she is - as you can imagine - worthy of her own respectful blogpost.)
Anyway, it was going to be magical.
But then I got a new job which requires more of my brain than my last job. And then I began to doubt that I actually had anything worthwhile to say beyond the goopy brain sparks I post here, be they scrappy or not. Not that anything I write here is worthwhile but you see where I'm going with this.
So I am officially posting today that there will be no Lori Keener changes in the blog world. In other words, expect. . . nothing. I'll just continue to make you read about everything from cards and LOs to doggie poo and mousie corpses to pink ribbons.
Poor babies. You didn't even know you were missing out on anything, did you? Sorry. And now all I can say is that I'm changing. . . nothing.
Nothing #2
On August 1st, I posted that I was going to take the 30 Days of Blank challenge, and my "blank"would be 30 days of walking.
Which I did.
I started parking one or two buildings away from my old job. I started walking a few miles in the evening. But compared to what I hoped to accomplish I've really done. . . nothing because I now have no time to walk an extra four miles at night.
However, I've walked a ton during my work day at my new job instead of sitting on my rear end. You cannot understand someone's job unless you've walked with them while they work, so I've sort of redeemed myself. However, compared to where I'd hoped to be I've accomplished . . . nothing in the walking realm. So there you have it.
I'm just one big blog of . . . nothing.
So. To recap: you expected nothing and I've delivered . . . nothing. Mission accomplished.
Maybe it will be like Chinese food, though. Maybe two hours from now, you'll be back here rubbing your grumbling tummy and looking for something substantial.
Can't really promise you anything but as always you're welcome to hang out and sit a spell. And if you don't mind - would you please feed the fishes while you're here?
Much appreciated.

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  1. Oh Lori, this is great news for me. You see I developed ADHD from someone's bright idea that people should multi-task. I move 50mph in a 25mph world because of this multi-task lie. I too accomplish "nothing". It is my goal to slow down & focus. Like the tortoise & the hare, the steady one wins the race. Thanks again Lori for slowing me down to nothing.