Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dumb Things I've Done Already This Week

1. Tried to be cool by referring to tattoos at "toos" instead of "tats," thus making one twelve year old snort milk out his nose.
2. Got tangled up in two leashes while crossing the street with DaBoys. Tripped over the curb then stumbled 20 feet trying not to fall, dragging two unfortuante puppies down the treelawn in my wake.
Fell anyway.
3. Met with a plastic surgeon living in the building I manage, who shared that he'd like to introduce me to two more doctors seeking to rent suites. Discovered an hour later that I'd inadvertently drawn on my cheek with an ink pen while showing him my business-like demeanor.
4. Blew my nose on a crumpled tissue I found in the console of my car. Then discovered I'd already used it to squish a bug.
5. Wore a new-looking bra I found in the back of my drawer this morning - white, nice straps, front hook. Remembered as I got out of the car that I never wear it because whenever I move, the little hook-y thingy squeaks. Loudly. Have you ever heard of a squeaky bra?? Spent the day sounding like the Tin Man in search of his oil can.
And just think - it's only Tuesday evening. Lord only knows what jollity and frivolity awaits!


  1. Thanks for the laugh at your expense!! I love it!!

  2. OMG I need a drink after reading this!!!

  3. Girl, you just CRACK me up, hehehe!!!!