Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hellloooooo Mojo!

A career change this drastic is a little like falling in love.
You remember falling in love. That life-in-a-bubble feeling where your universe is only as big as the two of you. That can't-stop-grinning feeling. I've been immersed in this new job/new life - so much so, that last week I feared I'd forget my way home if I had to learn one more new thing.
Now, however, reality has set in and I'm getting some semblance of normalcy back - normal being a relative term and all. Guess what else showed up??
My mojo!!
So, of course, I scrapped Sammy and Charlie. (I apologize to my real non-furry children for not scrapping pictures of you. But really - would you have hung around for this many photos? I'm just saying. . . . ) I made a couple of cards from Lucy's September sketch for the Card Design Team over at MSW. And then I made another card just because the pattern in this BG paper was just BEGGING to be cut up and glued into a flower. That and the fact that I am always looking for any chance to use my trusty white Signo pen to do some doodling!
So welcome back, mojo. It's lovely to have you back in the house. And who knows - this may be the inspiration I need to finally put my scraproom in order.
Or not.
Maybe I'll just scrap some more.
Yeah, that's the ticket.

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  1. BA-YOO-TEE-FULL!!!! I love your doodling!! Great work, my friend!!