Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Better Than a Leg Lamp

You know, most days I consider myself fortunate if I'm upright and my shoes match. You choose what to celebrate in life, and I've found that if I start out the day happy with the little things (like matching shoes), I can be happy all day. Of course, no one can truly appreciate matching shoes unless one has spent an entire day in UNmatching shoes, but that's another blog post.
So today I was happy that my Dunkin Donuts iced coffee with skim milk and two Equals had the perfect amount of milk. And I was happy that my computer didn't do anything wonky. And I was happy that I found Andrea Boccelli's "Sueno" CD stuffed between the seats so I could listen to his beautiful voice all the way home from work.
Being happy about little things is like those pennies that pool at the bottom of your purse: they don't seem like much until you add them up.
But then. . . . . then I read my email when I got home. And I swear with God as my witness, as I'm staring at my inbox - bloop! - up pops this email from my MSW friend, Cheryl Nyboer.
And this is what it said:
Hi Lori,
The administration at SNR asked each staff member to nominate a few blogs that we really liked. I nominated yours and am thrilled to tell you that the staff has approved it for this award!! Here is their statement:
"Congratulations, Scrapbook News and Review, the leading paper crafting magazine on the internet, has noticed and is impressed by your blog. We appreciate the time, effort and creativity that you share with the crafting world and to show our approval, we've included this unique blog award for you to proudly display.

This award is possible only if you've been nominated by our staff or readers and have been approved by our editors. We encourage you to display it proudly and link it back to Scrapbook News and Review Magazine. We thank you for all you've given to the blogging world and encourage you to keep doing so. We'll keep watching and enjoying."
Congratulations again!!
Love ya,

And you know what popped into my mind? That scene in "A Christmas Story" when the dad got his Major Award. So I hurried to put my Major Award right in my front window, too, but I think you'll agree that mine is waaaaaaay cooler looking. (Wow! Whoopee! A zepellin!!)
To tell you the truth, if I'd known SNR was coming I would have put out something a little nicer than a post about mousie corpses this week.
So, maybe now's a good time to start spiffing things up around here. Get your feet off the coffee table and tuck in your shirt because we're going to start doing things proper like. For instance, there will be no more blogging while wearing green face cream and my favorite Mutts jammies with the hole in the. . . . well, nevermind. Because if you've ever had the good taste or good fortune to check out Scrapbook News and Review, you know that they're The Real Deal. And like the graphic, their new site ROCKS.
I'm stunned and humbled and honored by all this, and would like to give Cheryl and each editor a big hug. Sitting on this side of the computer screen, it's really hard to tell if anyone is reading all this gibberish which is why I thank my lucky stars every day when someone - anyone - is kind enough to leave a comment. But an AWARD???? Absofreakinglutely amazing.
Every once in awhile when you count those pennies, you discover there's a $5 bill underneath that you didn't know you had. Tonight, it's like I found a $100 bill. THANK YOU to the wonderful staff and editors at Scrapbook News and Review. You did something impossible: rendered me speechless!
And Cheryl - you know I love ya right back, girl.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go empty the spitoon and de-flea DaBoys.


  1. Lori, I LOVE reading your posts! And this one spoke to me as if I was writing it myself! I feel exactly the same way about mine!!! CONGRATS GF!!! You have certainly earned the honor! Raising my no longer plastic glass to you and saying "Here's to many, many more wonderful surprises like this!" LOVE YA GF!!!

  2. i love reading your posts...make my day

    congrats on your award

  3. You are hilarious.. and I am sure it is well deserved!!! :)

  4. Girl, you crack me up!!!!!! A Christmas Story is like my all time fav movie!!

    You are soo deserving of this and really should look into becoming some type of writer!! You have such great talent for it!

    This is soo deserved for you! Congrats girlie!!

  5. Yipee! You earned it girlfriend! Honesly - your blog is the BEST! It is the ONLY one I read on a regular basis. And I love ever second of it! You really should not have been surprised to win a major award! Display it proudly!

  6. I subscribe to SNR and they are the real thing. So is your blog Lori. I never can wait to see what you will write about next. You put a spin on everyday things and make looking at life fun. You are my number 1 must read blog. You deserve recognition. Keep up the great work!

  7. Congratulations to you, Lori - you know how much I love your blog!! You so deserve this award - I always get the biggest kick out of all your writing, girl!!!