Saturday, August 1, 2009

30 Days of Blank

One of my very favorite-est blogs in the whole world is Pioneer Woman. It's written by a woman named Ree Drummond who lives on a ranch with her husband (Marlboro Man) and four kids. Her blog is an online cornucopia of bloggy goodness - great stories, amazing photography, yummy recipes, great giveaways, ranching tips, a home and garden section, homeschooling and a romance novel to boot. Not only is her blog gorgeous, this woman writes stuff that makes me laugh out loud.
Like speaking at the BlogHer convention and complimenting a woman on her cute pregnant belly.
Except the woman wasn't pregnant.
Ree told this embarrassing story on her blog, with a link to not-preggo lady Mrs. Flinger's blog where she tells her take on the incident. After that, I scooted over to Mrs. Flinger's other blog which is where I found 30 Days of Blank.
The idea is that if you do anything for 30 days you make it a habit. (I actually thought it was 21 days, but since I'm a slow learner 30 days is probably better for me.) It struck me that 30 days was not an intimidatingly long time to try something new and positive in my life even if it might be a tad difficult. Or boring. Or inconvenient. I will just have to remember Mrs. Flinger's observation that compared to "growing an entire person, that’s like, what, one ninth?"
1/9th is nothing.
But what to do for 30 days?? I'm loathe to share that there are myriad items in my life that would benefit greatly from 30 days of reform. Sticking to my budget. Cleaning my scrap room so that it doesn't look like a tornado ran through it. Driving the speed limit (can I help it if my cruise control adds a few miles all on its own?) Sweeping the kitchen floor after dinner. Answering all my voicemails and emails at work. Spending more time with my husband doing something other than chair napping at 9PM (we're not in a nursing home yet). Plucking my eyebrows. Remembering to check Facebook.
All these ideas screamed at me at once as I was perusing Room 704, reminding me once more that just because you're of a certain age doesn't mean you're all grown up and responsible.
I've made my decision.
I've already gone 23 days without dipping into the candy dish at work or snacking my way through the evening. Starting today, I'm going to put in 30 minutes of walking or exercise every day. And I'm not talking about WALKING across the parking lot to Dairy Queen, or RUNNING to the kitchen for the last piece of chocolate cake or LIFTING the lid of the chest freezer to get fudgsicles. I'm going to do legitimate Gilad- approved exercise of some sort, even if it watching it won't be pretty like Gilad.
30 for 30.
That's the deal. You're all witnesses so now I've got to follow through. Unfortunately for you, you all may become unwitting victims of this little experiment as I do have a tendancy to get whine-y. Couple whininess with having keys to a blog and you just might have the recipe for a rant or two. I promise to keep 'em short.

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