Friday, August 14, 2009


Oh. my. goodness.
I owe it all to Annie. She came home tonight for our family reunion on Sunday. Having her home in itself was reason enough to break into a little session of happydance. But I asked for her help in getting some stuff cleaned up around this place (meaning my blog, not my house) and she found BLOGFISH on Blogger!!!!
Aren't they cute??
And now through the wonders of technology and the genius that is Adam Bowman you, too, can become obsessed with blogfish.
You can feed them by clicking in their bowl.
You can train them to follow your cursor because they will think you have food. Annie says DaBoys are quite like Bloggerfish in that regard.
You can name them and love them and play with them until you become obsessed, neglect your family, lose your job and get carried away to the funny farm in one of Jo's nice white coats.
And when I go out of town for the weekend, you can babysit.

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