Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blogging to Avoid Sweating

I just got back from my half hour walk. It's 8AM and already 75 degrees and rain forest sticky. The kind of sticky that makes me think my kitchen needs a good scrubbing even though I did it yesterday. In this humidity and with no a/c, everything seems sticky to me. But maybe that's just one of my neuroses rearing it's ugly head. Erin once told me I had so many of them, I was cute.
I'll tell you something that wasn't just another one of my neuroses: the smell in the basement. I've been telling Ken that something didn't smell right in the corner by the washer and dryer. I moved stuff. I got out the shop vac and vacuumed everywhere (and threw out a ton of stuff, but don't tell Ken) but nothing improved. Then I thought maybe I overfilled the washer ( you CAN TOO get the dog bed and their four blankets all in the same load), and maybe a sock or something floated out over the top of the tub and was caught somewhere in the machine getting all smelly and gross. Finally, last night after dinner Ken went downstairs and removed a DEAD MOUSE FROM DRAIN IN ONE OF THE WASHTUBS. Ewwww! and may I add Ick! Then- bless him- he even scrubbed it out for me. Ladies, if I didn't already love him that right there is why I need a nice strong husband around. I can mow the lawn with the push mower. I can paint the house. I've laid down floors, taken up roofing and can even change my own oil. But there is no way on God's green earth I could have extricated this horrid, smelly rotting litte mouse from my own washtub. No freakin' way. So last night, my knight in shining armor got his favorite chicken scallopini served over a bed of linguini for dinner along with a nice, crisp Chardonnay followed up by made-from-scratch fudgie brownies. Yessir. I takes good care of knights who remove rotting mousie corpses from my home.
Lots to do today (after I get done scrubbing my kitchen). I just placed an order over at Scrappy Jo's ( Talk about temptation! She's already taking preorders for the new BG bling - and ladies, this stuff is to die for. Flourishes and curlicues in BLING - plus the new Christmas bling! I stocked up on pearls (new dark blue ones-mmmmmmmm) and just about had apoplexy when I came across a new white Signo pen with a broad tip. Oh. my. You all know how I feel about my trusty white Signo pen. Yummy Core'dinations on sale, too. Be sure to check out the SIX PAGES of sale items - and notice that a lot of her new stuff is aleady on sale. Don't forget - if you place a small order, Jo will credit back a portion of your shipping in store credit. How sweet is that? My only problem with ordering from Jo is that I can't just twitch my nose and have it here . . . like, now!
So while I'm waiting, I'll be hopping over to My Sketch World for their month long crop. You've probably noticed the little sign over there yonder to the right. This crop is based on the letters of the alphabet and every day brings a fun new challenge. What I've posted here are my entries in the Ad Challenge, Border, Blue & Buttons Challenge, Four Flowers Challenge and Glitter Challenge. You can jump in anytime, do whatever challenges you'd like and be entered to win some great prizes by I Am a Scrapaholic. Since the crop's a month long, you've got ample time to post and tons of examples in the gallery to get your mojo flowing! OH - and did I mention the amazing games they're posting as well??? I'd particularly check out today's What's the Difference? game. Whoever put that together (ahem) should stop taking so many pics of her dogs. I'm just saying. . .
Well, there's a kitchen floor just begging to be scrubbed again. After that, I see a nice cool shower in my future. Except those damn brownies are calling me. . . . aaarrrrrgggghhhhhh!! Oh wait. Maybe it's NOT the brownies. Maybe that's just one of my neuroses. Hmmm. Or is that called a delusion. . . . .???

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