Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Mind's Eye

I was trolling through my favorite LSS, Scrap Happy in Tiffin, Ohio, a few months back and came across this gorgeous flowered paper that was bright and fun and so of course I bought a couple pieces. But then it was too pretty to use so I'd just get it out every once in awhile and lay a photo or two and some embellies on it. But in the end it would always go right back in the cropper hopper from whence it could be plucked day after day for me to "pretend" I was using it.
Now, I am absolutely positive there's a whole new branch of psychology starting up here to explain why we scrappers are (a) obsessed, (b) hoarders and (c) obsessed. (I know I mentioned obsessed twice but it deserves it.) Maybe the psychiatric industry will recognize the legitimacy - yea, the need - for scrap-ologists in the near future.
I've also started stalking the websites of the manufacturers of my favorite papers so it was only natural that I'd start stalking My Mind's Eye who made this beautiful paper line called Bloom and Grow. MME has MANY MANY beautiful lines - and you should really checked them ALL out.
When you go to their website, click on Blog then scroll down. On the left hand side, you'll see the Photo Albums and then Bloom and Grow. Click on that.
Surprise!!! It's my card!
I was in full stalker mode one night and left a comment on their blog, which Amber Packer picked to win which meant I could pick any line to be sent to me and I, of course, picked Bloom and Grow. But oh my gosh - what a tough choice it was!!! After that I began stalking my mailman and when he finally delivered The Package I ripped right into it, sat down and made this card which I emailed to Amber to say thanks.
And the sweetie put it on the blog.
Now that I've got two whole packages of Bloom and Grow, I'm hoping I can finally use one of them in a LO. I did make important progress when I cut up a sheet of those yummy flowers to use on LOs and cards. The funny thing is that the packages Amber sent me already came with pages of handy cut outs. But I couldn't bring myself to punch them out. Oh no. I couldn't do that. They're waaaaay too pretty.
Is there a scrapologist in the house????


  1. Love the blog post, Lori! Can't wait to see what you come up with using the rest of your stash.

    The Scrap-ologist says you're supposed to use it! (wink!)

  2. Hee hee, there's a town named Tiffin? Is it next to Snack and Tea?

    (Almost as funny as New Jersey, which has Brick right next to Wall).