Sunday, May 31, 2009


That's me and Brenda in a spare moment before thestart of the brunch this afternoon. Just a few short hours after this pic we were blissfully barefoot, counting cash and sipping mimosas!
Here's the table I set up to sell the Cards I received for Calling All Cards for Breast Cancer - four boxes of them! Everyone who browsed was surprised at how beautiful handcrafted cards could be. And the story of how I got all these cards gave them each a glimpse into how kind and thoughtful the scrapbooking community is.
What a successful day - we took in $2300 this afternoon! So many people stopped by to spend money and we're grateful to every one of them. Vanessa and Jeremy were the most generous and considerate hosts, opening their beautiful home and big hearts to this fundraiser. Brenda, Erin, Karen, Eileen and I have this fundraising thing down to a fine science by now, but Vanessa and Jeremy's efforts took this to a whole new level.
I took lots of pics, as you can image (future LOs!), so I'm going to post a few them below now. Then I'm going to grab two puppies, the remote, a big glass of water and veg out in front of the TV.
I'll post again soon, but until then THANK YOU to everyone who helped make the 1st Annual Brunch for Boobies Chinese Auction such a huge success!!
Da Goils: Meet Erin, Brenda, Eileen and Karen - My Peeps ("Poeps"??? asked woefully-clueless-but-trying-to-be-hip-nonetheless Lori)

There was no shortage of really cool auction items

Just some of the GORGEOUS jewelry Brenda makes. It's good to have a BFF who is a jewelry artist. Almost as good as having a masseuse in the family.

Brenda and I put out our scrapbooks from the 2007 3Day. Here are two ladies viewing mine - the lady in pink on the right is Mea, Brenda's walking partner this year! This scrapbook was the very first scrapping I'd ever done in my whole life. I couldn't hear but I just know they were saying "I didn't know they taught scrapbooking in 3rd grade!" Looking at this book now is like looking at those goofy pictures from elementary school - I am appalled that I ever thought stickers and shaper scissors defined scrapbooking. Eeek. Oh - and Mea - there are some ingsthay you eednay to ownay about endaBray before you tent with her. Like if you have to go to the ER in the middle of the night and have trouble finding your specific pink tent when you get back at 1AM and Brenda isn't any help because she took Benadryl and wouldn't be able to wake up if wild hyenas held a hootenany in your tent. Hypothetical stuff like that. Believe me, you'll thank me later. (Shhh - let's just keep this between us. Call me!)

This nice lady won the scrapbooking basket which wasn't a basket at all as you can see, but really a Disney-esque cup and saucer chocked full of amazing scrappy goodness. Does she look exhilarated? Happy?? Unable to contain her joy?
(sniff) Not as exhilarated/happy/unable to contain her joy as someone nameless who bought $20 worth of tickets and put every one of 'em in the cup for this auction item. (sniff) THAT nameless person was reeeaallllyyy hoping to win this item (stifled sob), but isn't disappointed. It's for charity, right? Everyone's a winner. Excuse me - talk amongst yourselves. I'm just going to get a tissue. . .
Few things are as sexy as men with kitchen tools who aren't afraid to use them. Ooops - did I say that out loud??! Suffice it to say the Radisson chefs came, saw and conquered this event with terrific food and wonderful service.

On the left is Cherise from Q104 - our MC for the auction. Next to her is the lovely Vanessa and her peeps/peops!
This event ROCKED. Ya'll stay tuned cuz we're already talking about the SECOND Annual Brunch for Boobies! But first, a nice little puppy nap!

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  1. Lori, I am just cracking up here, girl! I thought I was the only one with the Guys with Kitchen Tools fetish! Sorry you didn't win that awesome looking door prize....I don't think she deserves it.

    Seriously, glad to hear your event was a success! I am happy to know that I contributed a little bit!!