Monday, May 4, 2009

List of Things to Remember on Mondays

1. Turning off the last alarm and saying “I’ll get up in a minute” is no way to start the morning on time.
2. If you decide to make up time by jogging DaBoys instead of walking DaBoys, go to the bathroom first.
3. Monday is not the morning to decide you’re going to quit Dunkin Donuts coffee cold turkey. Rumor has it around the office that without iced coffee, you’re just cranky.
4. If you’re wearing those great pants you just bought on sale at the Limited, remember: button, clasp AND zipper. Better yet, don’t leave the ladies room anymore without checking yourself in the mirror.
5. If you bring Lean Cuisine for lunch, take it into the office. Lean Cuisine + sun + closed car = icky smell. And see Item #3.

If you like great sales, get thee to Scrappy Jo's. They've got a huge 25% off sale going on all month to celebrate their first year anniversary.
And if your scrapping mojo needs a shot in the arm, head over to My Sketch World Lucy's got some great sketches up and her Design Teams are outta this world (she said modestly).


  1. I took notes!! Thanks for all of the advice!! LOL!

  2. oh LOVE this and great ideas... that how my Monday and alarm clock always go!!!!