Saturday, May 23, 2009

Brunch for Boobies Countdown!

Woohoo! Our Brunch for Boobies Chinese Auction fundraiser is just ONE WEEK away! And my gosh, how this event has turned out: valet parking, real chefs cooking up the food fresh, amazing auction items and - of course - GORGEOUS HANDMADE CARDS to sell.
It's been way too long since I last posted about the Brunch, so if you're new here the 60 Mile 3Day Breast Cancer Walk sponsored by Komen for the Cure is going to be held in Cleveland July 31st. This is an event I walked in 2007, and one of my BFF's, Brenda Traffis, is walking it again this year (me and rest of my BFF's are slouches - we're just crewing). In order to participate, she has to raise $2300.
When I look at the huge box of cards sent in by so many generous and talented and thoughtful ladies, it gives me goosebumps. That's a whole lot of love and support right there for cancer victims these ladies don't even know.
Aren't people amazing??
So to celebrate our one week countdown, I've loaded into the gallery even more cards. These come from Karla Gordon and Theresa Creager over at MSW, and they are beautiful. As a matter of fact, Karla and Theresa's donations take us well OVER 100 CARDS. That's so many cards I had to start a THIRD gallery over yonder. Especially if you're new here, be sure to take a gander.
The Breast Cancer 3Day walks are held all across the country - maybe there's one in your neck o' the woods. Walkers spend months raising money while spending more and more time training to walk 20 miles for three days straight. And they do it all while working at their jobs and taking care of their families. Some have friends with breast cancer, some with loved ones suffering from this disease. Some of them are breast cancer survivors. And some of them walk with active cancer. If someone approaches you for a donation or if you see someone wearing pink out on a training walk, be sure to offer your support.
And if you have a few bucks to donate to the fight for a cure, you can donate right now by clicking here.
Gotta run. We're all getting together at Vanessa's soon to nail down final arrangements, and wrap all these cards in cellophane to sell. Thanks for reading, and have a safe Memorial Day weekend!!


  1. This is all so wonderful - thanks for supporting ALL of us in these efforts, Lori!!

  2. What a great event you have coming up! And for such an awesome cause!