Friday, October 2, 2009

Squeaky Clean

Some days are funner and more interesting than others.
Today was one of those. Between meetings with residents and discussions with residents and chance encounters with residents, I headed down to the lobby every whipstitch to wait for something I've been anticipating for weeks.
Window washing!
We've had guys rappelling down the side of our building all week, nonchalantly dangling at the end of a rope with all the terror of a baby sucking on a pacifier. It's ironic but not surprising that the weather has been windy and wet and cold and grey.
Of course.
So I'm sure these two window washers were only too happy when their assignment for the day consisted of nothing more than partially dismantling the front of my lobby to drive a crane indoors and wash down our nine-story windowall.
Here's what a crane looks like when it's sitting in my lobby:

And here's the calm, efficient window washer guy waaaaaay up at the tippy top of our nine-story lobby:

Of course I hopped on the elevator, headed up to the ninth floor and then held my scared, quaking little camera over the balcony to get this shot:

See how calm this guy is?? I resisted the urge to yell "Missed a spot!" cuz I'm sure he's never heard THAT one before. . .

All I can say is that my paper-laden desk seemed like quite the safe refuge after taking these shots!

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  1. LOL, Lori!! Great shots!! Your building looks GORGEOUS!!