Sunday, October 25, 2009

Books and Movies, Please!

Exactly 12 days from now, I will be flat on my back, sucking up drugs and staring at my poor bandage-wrapped appendage propped up on bed pillows. Right now, however, I'm up to my eyeteeth in trying to remember all the little details that Other Folks will have to handle. Like turning the aloe plant in the window so that it doesn't grow lopsided. Or flipping the mattress. Or giving DaBoys their heartworm pills.
Dippy stuff like that.
There is one thing I will NOT be doing after this surgery and that is taking Percodan, no matter how much pain I'm in. The Percodan I took after my last surgery made me so hyper it wasn't funny. At one point, I was doing all of these things all at the same time:
watching Ellen on TV
listening to my iPod
watching "Big Fish" on the portable DVD player on my lap
reading "Demolition Angel" by Robert Crais
talking to everyone who would pick up their extension at work
while chewing about 50 pieces of gum.
And I was still bored.
That was the day I think I actually scared DaBoys cuz they sort of camped out on the rug by the back door waiting for POK to save them from the crazy lady laying on the couch. Earlier in the day, I'd learned that no matter how much you may want to, it is impossible to scrapbook while (a) lying flat on your back with (b) two dogs lying on your chest. And don't even think about trying to use Stickles.
So this time, I'm trying to plan for some diversions to take my mind off of being bored and in pain. Since there's not much you can do when confined to the couch for two weeks, I've joined Netflix and have my local library on speed dial. I figure I can at least catch up on my reading and watch every movie I've ever wanted to watch that POK would hate.
And here's where you can help me out.
I need your suggestions for books and movies that will keep me occupied. My tastes are all over the map, so share everything: the ones you loved and the ones you hated.
I was going to ask for phone numbers so I could call when I got bored, but figured this would probably be better. The last thing you want is a drug-crazed loon driving you nuts cuz she's bored. Better you should give me book and movie suggestions.
Since an occupied invalid is a happy invalid, POK and DaBoys will be eternally grateful for your help.
Then again, if you really feel the need to share your phone number that's fine, too.


  1. Oh, girl! You are too funny...let's see: I just saw "The Proposal" and it was cute. And, I heard that "Taken" is intense, but really good. That should take up about three hours, LOL!!

    You could tackle the "House of Night" book series by PC & Kristin cast. They are along the lines of "Twilight." There are 5 books so far and the 6th is due out in Nov. "Marked" is the first one.

    And, I will send you my phone number- I would LOVE to talk to you when you are all drugged up!! ;)

  2. I second Nicole's "House of Night" reading recommendation. Loved "Things I Overheard While Talking to Myself" by Alan Alda and "The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes" by Diane Chamberlain. :)