Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Scrappy Jo Creative Team!

October 1st not only ushered in my favorite month of the year (what with my birthday and anniversary and all), it also heralded my first days as a Creative Team member at Scrappy Jo's.
SJ is dear to my heart. Like watching man land on the moon for the first time, I remember how it felt to finally be brave enough to post my very first page online at SJ.
It was a Saturday and I was working on Annie's college graduation scrapbook. The mailman had just delivered my first order from SJ's store and in it was my first white Signo pen - the perfect thing to finish this LO sitting on my kitchen table.

That was the day I fell in love with white Signo pens and Scrappy Jo's.. Cuz like family, SJ is all about relationships. The friendships and encouragement I've gotten from SJ are why I'm online at all. Heck, if Jo hadn't taken me under her wing so kindly and made me feel at home, I doubt I'd have stuck around long enough to think up Scrapinator. SJ is my online happy place.
Pumpkin Transformer 1986 is my first creation using my first shipment of scrappy goodness Jo sends her oh-so-lucky Creative Team members. I used these goodies Jo sent me:
Cosmo Cricket Haunted: Nevermore
MYLB Spider Web cardstock
Cosmo Cricket Haunted: Gothic
Bazzill cardstock: white
From my stash:
Title: Creative Imaginations Sonnets and Colorbok XY&Z Erin: Black 42
Mattie was the cutest Transformer even if he had to hold his arms out the car window on the way to afternoon kindergarten so the paint would dry. (This procrastination thing - I've been at it for awhile). And isn't Annie adorable as a pumpkin?? She giggled like crazy when Ken and I stuffed her costume with newspaper to give her that nice pumpkin-y silhouette.
I miss making Halloween costumes for the kids.
I guess I'll just have to dress up DaBoys so I can make a 2009 Halloween layout. Whoooeee, Jo's such a sucker for animals she'd LOVE that. Hmmmm. . .I wonder if I can make a little Transformer costume for Sammy. . . .?
While I'm working on that, hop over to SJ and take a look around. There's a nifty 8 hour crop coming up this Friday. Now that I'm allowed to sit at the big girls' table in the super secret Creative Team room at SJ, I can tell you there are some seriously GREAT challenges slated for this crop. There's also one heck of a Scrap N Go project, which I mention with all modesty. You'll have plenty of time to upload your projects over the following few days - and might even be crowned Queen of the Crop!
So take a break from the frenetic, crazy online world and stop over the Scrappy Jo's. One more thing - I'll be helping to write Scrappy Jo's online newsletter, too, so be sure to sign up for that while you're getting all happy at Jo's!


  1. hi there!!! I love this post! that is how so many of us feel about scrappy jos!!! thanks for saying it outloud! aslo sign me up for the news letter! I haven't go tone in awhile!

  2. Congrats to you! I love your 1986 Halloweenie Lo. And congrats on being a part of SJ's Team. I can't wait to read the next news letter...I am so excited for you! It will be wonderful!