Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fallen Leaf Alert!

Here in northeast Ohio, we are full into the most beautiful part of autumn when the leaves are glorious colors. But apparently some arboreal memo went out from tree to tree overnight that it was time to start dropping leaves. Because I just got back from my morning walk with DaBoys, and the sidewalks were full of curly, dried leaves that weren't there yesterday.
We sounded like we were walking on Rice Krispies.
When Annie and Matt were little, we'd take long walks around the neighborhood snagging the prettiest leaves we could find and come home with a beautiful bouquet of big leaves in every color. Maybe collecting them was part of a school assignment. I don't remember. I just know we thought they were just beautiful to look at.
But let this post serve as a warning to everyone with a child who loves to go for long walks gathering fall leaves.
Do not come to my neighborhood. Because I discovered something that I never even thought of before I had dogs:
Sammy and Charlie had a contest this morning to see who could tinkle on the most leaves.

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