Sunday, July 26, 2009

Something Scrappy!

Mary at Scrappy Jo's posted this little project which was so much fun I just had to blog about it.
Last Friday was a little crazy at my house. Scrappy Jo's was holding another one of their online crops at 7PM. They are the BEST part of any Friday so I call 'em TGIF crops. Then at 9PM, My Sketch World was holding its first-ever 1 Hour Sketch Challenge, where Lucy posted six of her sketches and you had an hour to make as many cards from those sketches as you could. Ooooh, such fun!
No problem, I figured. I'd start out at Jo's then hop over to My Sketch World since I'd made up the sentiments Lucy posted early and had all my paper and supplies on standby.
That's when Charlie started limping.
Which woke up my napping mommy hormones and turned me into Dog Mom, complete with a snarl reflex which I'm afraid I used on Ken when he tried to tell me Charlie was fine. I actually think Charlie really will be fine now, but the upshot is that I got one item done at Jo's on Friday night and one card done at Lucy's. Thank heavens I was drinking Mike's.
This folder is the greatest idea - you can see Mary's Scrap N Go tutorial if you go here
Who knew an old manila file folder could turn into something so stinkin' cute??
Although I just now realized I folded mine backwards - my tab is on the front instead of on the back. And I cut my insert cards too short. Oh well. I'm sure YOU will follow Mary's easy instructions just fine.
I used papers from K&Co.'s Classic Charlotte stack, and then just doodled the heck out of them. You will note, however, that I somehow refrained from using my trusty white Signo pen which has been pouting ever since.
This is such a great idea that I'm already thinking about making a few of these up for Christmas. (Some of you should start practicing your surprised faces now.) Wouldn't these be a great way to share special family recipes with the kids? Or photos of a special event?
See? You're thinking of ideas, too, aren't you?
Here's what the inside of my folder looks like with my too-short inserts

Here's a close up of Matt's card - he is six in this picture. He's traded up and can actually fit into the cars he drives now.

And four year-old Ballerina Annie's card. She still likes the color purple although she no longer visits people in their homes to dance in front of their fireplaces.

And my nephew, Brian, when he was two. He's 25 now and wears pants nearly all the time.

I had so much fun making this project and it only took me a couple hours. It wouldn't have taken that long, but I was holding Charlie and then Sammy got jealous and I needed two hands so I just set DaBoys on the kitchen table with me. Don't roll your eyes - you'd have done the same thing. That's what makes us scrappers such a hearty bunch - we're problem solvers.
Just don't tell Ken, ok? He has no idea how dog hair ended up on his toast yesterday morning.

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