Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blingblog! Blingblog! Blingblog! Blingblog!

I once watched an episode of "Dog the Bounty Hunter" where this HUGE-chested lady was going shopping for shoes to wear with her wedding dress. She came bouncing out of a store, declaring proudly to the camera that whenever you have trouble finding accessories, just go to the "stripper store." I switched channels, but can only assume she found shoes with enough bling to hold their own considering those boobs (which probably had their own zip code).
I think of this when I've got a layout that just needs a little something. Or - more often - when I'm joyfully admiring The Best Layout I'll Ever Create and do something stupid like drop an inkpad on it. At those times, bling becomes the rodeo clown of the scrapbooking world - a useful tool that says Ignore that glaring puddle of Stickles! Look at me!
And even when things go right, most every LO or card has room for a bit o' bling.
So if bling=good, free bling = GREAT, right?
Then click over here and get yourself entered to win some blingy goodness. I just LOVE giveaways where I don't have to leap tall buildings, whistle Dixie or do LO's.
Or buy stripper shoes.

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