Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Art Deco Fix at a Cleveland Gem

Ken and I spent yesterday at Lakeview Cemetery. Dating from 1865, Lakeview is the final resting place for many notables including John D. Rockefeller and Elliot Ness. President Garfield's memorial is here and so is Wade Chapel whose interior was designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. In the spring, Daffodil Hill boasts blossoms from 100,000 daffodil bulbs dating back to the '40's. There's also a beautiful lake, the largest dam east of the Mississipi (at least when it was built in 1978) and miles of gently rolling hills guarded by towering old growth trees. It's blissfully serene here given it's location, and a destination for sightseers, people relaxing. reading books, having picnics or just cruising on their bicycles.
I love old cemeteries - the ones with mausoleums and headstones that are as much art as memorial. I'm obsessed with anything Art Deco, and most big old cemeteries are teeming with Erte-inspired stonework painstakingly handcrafted by artisans long gone from this earth. Their work is as much a monument to their craft as it is to the person it memorializes.
I took over 100 photos yesterday, and could probably do individual scrapbooks on stained glass windows, nature shots, architectural interests and historical curiosities. These are a few of my favorite pics of the stonework and the metalwork on mausoleum doors. As I was looking through these last night, though, I suddenly understood why I'm drawn to Bohemia papers!

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  1. what a cool place, I see how you could take tons of pics!!! very pretty