Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Muchier Muchness

Oh. So . Daunting.
I've not been here for oh so long and all of a sudden I feel like the kid who sits in the back of the class and is suddenly called on by the teacher.
Even though this is my own blog, I feel like. . . . Wow.
Let's just start by saying that being gone from here was not my choice - it was an obligation I accepted.
And let me also say that this post represents a long overdue change in my life. A return home of sorts because I've always loved blogging and more than anything love your feedback.
I'm like a painting someone cut into little pieces that can be put in piles of red, yellow, green, blue, etc. And if you looked at just one pile, you'd say "Oh, this is a painting done in reds" or "This is a painting done in yellows."
But the truth is that this painting is made up of lots of colors, all of which combine to make a unique kind of whole. Lately, I've been monochomatic. Off balance. Single faceted. Like the low carb diet frenzy, I've discovered that you can only tilt your life in solely one direction for just so long before you go crazy and OD on all the things you've missed.
Johnny Depp/The Mad Hatter says to Alice: You used to be muchier.
I realize now that I have lost my muchness.
So ladies and gentlemen, I am out to reclaim my muchness. I'm here to add balance and hue and scent and harmony to my life.
I'm back to pump life into those long-neglected parts of me that crave creativity and inspiration and interaction.
I am enjoying the chance to celebrate the morning frost and sing the unexpected and revel in the mundane because my life has been one-dimensional for so long.
So buckle up.
I'm back. And oh so so so happy to be here!


  1. Glad to see you are back. I love your writing. GD

  2. I have missed your blogging. Welcome back Lori!

  3. Hey GF!!!! So good to 'see' you back!!!! I've missed my daily doses of Lori!! and I know all of MSW misses you oodles.... we have been worried and praying and put out the APBs....glad to know you are ok!! Glad to have you back! Love ya'!!

  4. So glad to see your back!! I've missed my Lori dose of laughter!! I can honestly say I sometimes cry reading your blog because I laugh so hard!! Stop by MSW we miss you girl!!

  5. Oh, my, have you been missed! Can't wait to see you back up on those pretty feet of yours!! Lots of hugs headed your way, my friend!