Saturday, February 6, 2010

Baby Socks! Baby Socks! Oh Baby! Baby Socks!

I'm going to be an auntie!! My friend, Erin, is great with child and March will herald the arrival of baby Sophia Grace. I cannot wait to see Erin as a mom - she's going to be simply amazing. Although I'm not sure she's going to have much time with Baby Sophie since all of us Aunties - BFF''s Brenda, Karen, Eileen and I - are already staking our claims to the little sweetie-to-be. Seriously. Our sense of entitlement is astonishing.
Last weekend, we had a shower for Erin and Baby Sophie at Brenda's house where - oddly enough - the cassata cake developed a baby bump before our very eyes! Talk about a theme party.
And the baby socks? I rolled 'em up into tiny little sock roses. Didn't they turn out cute up there on that package? And talk about cinchy to make. I hope Erin likes 'em.
Frankly, I hope they buy me some brownie points which I can turn in to extra time with Baby Sophie when she gets here.
I know what you're thinking, and you're right.
When it comes to vying for Baby Time, I'm shameless.
Totally. Unabashedly. Shameless.

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