Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who's a Little Cutie Wutie, Hmmmm???

Baby Sophia Grace is, that's who! My friend, Erin, produced the most yummy of babies in Sophie, don't you agree?
My oh my - look at that little nubbin of sweetness. You just can't imagine how warm and soft and snuggly she is to hold.
Baby Sophia out-snuggles puppies any day, I've decided. (Just don't tell Sammy and Charlie.)
She has the cutest little dimple, the most sparkling dark eyes and raven hair that can be straight or go curly. (I think she gets that from me, personally, but Erin says it's from genetics and cites all manner of scientific hooey to support her theory.)
And coo! Girl, this baby coos and sighs and squeaks and hums like you wouldn't believe. It just makes you giggle out loud. Something tells me this little girl will not be denied. She will grow up to say her piece and be heard, all the while disarming the world with her cutiepieness. More power to you, sweetie.
We've all been waiting on Sophia for so long that when I finally FINALLY got to hold her, it was nothing short of magical. There's something supremely divine about holding newborns - for me, it's something almost primal. A feeling that comes to you through the ages. A connection of the strongest, most timeless thread. No matter when they lived or who they were, every mother who ever walked on earth has felt that same magical wonder those first seconds that a newborn settled into the crook of her arm. Erin's own mom died many years ago of breast cancer, but I'll bet she felt that magic when she first held Erin. I know Erin felt it when she first got to hold Sophie. I truly think Erin's mom is right here with Erin these days, dancing with joy at this little beauty.
I suppose someday I should really post a picture of Erin holding Sophia so that you can see beautiful mommy and beautiful daughter. That would only be right. But whenever Erin's near, Sophia's near and I'd much rather hold Sophia than a camera.
This picture is of Sophia attending her first Saturday Morning Coffee with the Aunties. I just realized this picture makes me look like I have a huge schnozz. I really don't. Or at least I don't think I have a huge nose. But who cares - I'm holding Sophia.
The aunties aren't in this picture because they are on the other side of the table, glaring at me for not forking over The Baby. But who cares - I'm holding Sophia.
Did I just say that out loud?!?
Alright alright. Someday I will post a picture of The Aunties holding Sophia.
And The Mommy holding Sophia.
But only after this Auntie has held Sophia again!
That's right - Baby Sophia wubs her Auntie Lori bestest of all, doesn't she?

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