Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wendi, the Resident Blog Herder at My Sketch World, is always coming up with creative ways to get us to blog - and also to visit each other's blogs. Her current challenge is a game of Blog Tag. She began the game by answering the questions below on her blog www.scrappydayinparadise.blogspot.com
then tagged Suzann www.suzannssmallworld.blogspot.com
who then tagged me! So here goes!

Name: Lori
Fave Scrap Item: my trusty white Signo pen
Fave thing to Scrap: my family. Which includes my dogs!
Fave time of year: Autumn
Fave Ice Cream: Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream
Fave Music/ Band: Ay yi yi yi yi! How much space do I have? Devotchka. DMB. Beck. OAR. Airborne Toxic Event. Elvis Costello. Lyle Lovett. kd lang. Jeff Buckley. That's today's favs.
Fave thing to do, besides scrap: Ummm. . . there are things to do OTHER than scrap??? Hmmm. Interesting idea! How about reading scrap magazines?!?!
Fave place to Vacation: Hawaii
Fave Scrap Brand: Really stuck on Websters Pages right now. They're like 12x12 pieces of art. I have 18 sheets and can't yet bring myself to use them - they're just too beautiful. Mostly I just want to be alone with them.
Last Page you scrap was called: Wow - I've done so many cards I can't remember. Maybe it was the page I called R&R???
Scrappy Addiction: That's easy - white Signo pen. If it's not got white Signo pen on it, it just ain't done!
Something we may not know about you: In my mind, I'm statuesque.
Something that made you laugh recently: One of my BFF's. Unfortunately, it was last evening and we were in a funeral home at the time.
Highlight of your Day today: Going to the Indians game tonight. I was in a suite full of wonderful people, eating great food, having a terrific time - and then the Indians WON THE GAME! Woohoo! Or maybe I should say "Wahoo!!"

Now I tag..................Cheryl! http://www.capturingamomentintime.com/


  1. how fun Lori LOVE learning new things about you and love my Singo pen too, I need to use mine it's been too long!!!

  2. You look statuesque to me!! Love your answers....so what happened at that funeral home??

  3. Such fun answers, loved reading more about you Lori!!