Saturday, June 6, 2009

Walking Tall. . . with an Eye Toward the Future

Snapped this pic of DaBoys on our walk this morning. OK, I'll admit it was totally staged. We were actually on our way back home when Charlie stopped to poo and I noticed what a cool silhouette the morning sun made of us: tall and statuesque Dog Mom (just like in my dreams), a sideways view of a very lean, athletic Sammy and . . .well, then there was Charlie. So when we got back to the house, I totally confused everyone by grabbing my camera and heading back out of the house. At this point, Daboys were looking back at me as if to say "You do know we already did this, right?" Well, that was Sammy. Charlie just looked worried about his post-walk treat.
Unfortunately, nothing like this ever turns out as great as if you'd had your camera the first time, but it's definitely an idea I want to revisit on another sunny morning.
I'm going to close up shop on the computer for a bit and go clean up my scrap room. Ay yi yi yi yi -it is a total wreck. What with Calling All Cards and Brunch for Boobies and DT obligations and SLTT (stuff like that there), what little spare time I had could have been used to (a) scrap, or (b) blog or (c) clean up my scrap room. Hmmm. . . can you guess which one I chose? Right now, it's so bad that you can't even see the carpet. Paper I've ordered has been opened and fawned over then stacked in the corner because my paper holder thingies are jammed full and I need to make new ones from the gazillion postal boxes saved in another corner. Piles of embellies and photos and things that make up little individual projects need to go in separate drawers. Bags of goodies from Michaels and JoAnn's need to be emptied and put away. Post it-eared magazines need to be sorted and stored. Pages I've printed out to scraplift later need filed. And I have an entire pile of scraps that need to be sorted.
There is a great little online crop going on today over at Scrappy Jo's ( Nothing crazy - just the perfect little weekend crop with a lot of time to post your work. I've been looking forward to it all week. And then over at My Sketch World (, there are "pre-crop challenges" posted today - a scrappy warm up of sorts to the big crop starting June 21st.
So! Now is the time to be resolute.
I will not get sidetracked by something(s) shiny.
I will clean and organize my scrap room.
Then I will crop.
I can do this.
After all, I am THE SCRAPINATOR!!!

Oh - one more quick note before I leave you today. Scrapinator will be undergoing a major overhaul soon. "Major" as in knocking down walls and redefining space and refocusing for the future. My staff is working really hard on these changes, so I hope you'll stick with me during my renovation. Ok, I lied about having a staff. But I am totally excited about what's coming - so stay tuned!


  1. You are the funniest lady I know! Your blog ramblings are hysterical! I love the photo of the DaBoys and my Guy understands about those post walk treats. Look forward to seeing what the Scrapinator and staff have up their sleeves in the way of refocusing for the future.

    Can't wait to see you answers now that you've been tagged!

  2. Lori ~ your blog always puts a smile on my face. Excited for you & your staff's change ;)