Sunday, May 16, 2010

Who Needs a TV Show Called "Lost?"

Just like the dish running away with the spoon, I think my mojo ran away with my memory.

1. Found the jar of Skippy peanut butter in the refrigerator. Now who would do a dumb thing like that?
2. Lost my favorite sunglasses so began searching the entire house.
3. Gave up looking for my glasses so I could leave and meet a friend for lunch.
4. Couldn't find my car key.
5. Found my sunglasses and called my friend to pick me up.
6. Started scrapping a layout of Baby Sophia after dinner, but couldn't find that cute photo of her sleeping like an angel anywhere.
7. Decided to scrap a layout of Matthew instead.
8. Couldn't find the six little red cutwork trucks I'd worked on all week.
9. Didn't find the trucks or Sophia's picture in my scraproom, but did find the cute K&Company brads I'd bought two weeks ago for a layout of my mom.
10. Gathered all the stuff to make mom's layout and lugged it downstairs to the dining room table.
11. Realized the dogs needed their medicine so got out two pills and two teaspoons.
12. Opened the cupboard but couldn't find the peanut butter.
13. Cussed.
14. Opened the refrigerator.
15. No peanut butter but I did find my car key.

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