Saturday, May 8, 2010

Extra! Extra! Read All About it!!

Well, it has been quite a week here at Scrapinator Central, let me tell you. I have so MUCH news to share with y'all, I hardly know where to begin!
First off, I have a whole new outlook on Mondays. I used to hate Mondays for all the typical reasons. But I am here to tell you that Mondays CAN bring good news because last Monday I discovered something so wonderfully extraordinary that it plum changed my entire thinking about Mondays.
Wanna hear my news?
(Insert mental image of happiness-crazed teenaged girls meeting for the first time, jumping up and down and screaming. Only they're not happiness-crazed teenaged girls, they're happiness-crazed scrappity women some of whom are middle-aged and should stop all the jumping around and screaming before they injure themselves.)
What's that you say? You hear a noise? Oh, that's just me screaming for joy right here in front of my computer. I have a tendency to do that whenever I remember all over again that I get to GO TO HOUSTON FOR THE FIRST EVER MY SKETCH WORLD MEET!!!!
I'll try to control myself.
But the news isn't all good. Nosirreee. There are some very serious elements to this Houston thang. Like for instance, all my MSW friends will now realize that my definition of "statuesque" applies to anyone over five feet tall.
Cuz I'm not.
Statuesque, that is.
Or over five feet tall.
Or. . . even. . . five feet tall period. I've just gotten really good at making sure I stand on something in group photos.
And then there's one other thang. One other teensy weensy little item. A little bitty detail, really. More of an unimportant detail than anything else.
I've been. . .um. . . been kind of photoshopping my wrinkles out of my avatar pics.
Yeah. I want to come clean so that our first meeting where we're all jumping up and down and screaming doesn't come to an abrupt halt when one of these nice ladies realizes with horror that I've been misleading everyone. Not that I'd make anyone run away in fright but I'm not exactly. . .well, let's just say. . . smooth all over, ok?
But I have been finding it hard to fall asleep cuz I'm soooo excited and will probably pack my bag before the weekend's out even though I'm not flying out until the third week in July.
In the meantime, there's some amazing stuff going on at the Spring Fling Crop where y'all can win a TWENTY FIVE DOLLAR GIFT CERTIFICATE TO SCRAPPY JO'S just by doing some of the amazing challenges at MSW. Since I'm in such a confessional mood, I should say that there's a "Recycle and Reuse" card challenge that's pretty cool and an envelope challenge that ain't too shabby either if you like that sort of thang. I'm just saying.
It's been a stellar week for sure.
My mojo came out of hiding long enough for me to start on a layout too, so I'm off to finish that up.
And work on my Texas drawl.
Happy scrappin', y'all!


  1. I'm going to squeeze you so hard there won't be any wrinkles left!! I can't wait! Oh, and GORGEOUS cards and envies, btw!!

  2. You are so funny, Lori! Wishing I was headed to Houston too!

  3. LOL! Lori, everyone will be so excited to there, they won't be looking at wrinkles! Have a wonderful time. Great blog, btw, and I love your work!