Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolution-izing 2010

Whoooooeeee. Dusty in here. Looks kinda forlorn and abandoned. You go ahead and read on whilst I put on a pot of tea and get rid of all these cobwebs.

Tis the season for resolution-izing our lives.

Standing on the tippy-toe edge of a brand, spanking new year we are already expected to define it by making resolutions. It’s like looking at a picture of a tiny embryo and guessing what species it is – this early in the game, it could be anything. And oh! the pressure to perform! Be better, be skinnier, be thriftier, be smarter, be more patient, be be be be until it's no wonder we crack by Valentines Day.

So I’ve granted myself permission to step out of the rat race. I am not making any 2010 resolutions; I’m not setting myself up for failure and I’m not driving myself crazy. I’ve reached an age where I don’t need a resolution to make me value how blessed I am. Those blessings (like finding out you actually like reading my blog) show up every day of my life and each time they do, they amaze me and fill me with wonder. I could no more take them for granted than I could chop off my right hand. And words scribbled on a page won’t make me eat fewer cookies or stop losing my temper or start drinking more water.

(OK, OK – I hear you. But mere words scribbled on a page will not make me blog more often no matter how hard you wish. Life happens and sometimes we have to spend all of our time doing what needs to be done instead of doing what we want to. Sorry.)

I’ve decided ditch to resolutions and live 2010 by a single, simple question. Call it a challenge or a mantra or whatever you wish, this question will be my gentle guide for every decision and keep me on the path I want to travel in this next year. I’ve already stuck it to my mirror and tucked it into my wallet and slipped it under the sun visor. With this single question nestled reassuringly into the back of my mind, I have a resolute hopefulness about 2010. So my hope for each and every dear and treasured (and patient!) Scrapinator reader is that 2010 brings you all things bright and beautiful. God bless you all!

And if you're still here reading, for whatever it's worth here's the question I’m living by in 2010:

How many things can you change in a year?


  1. And my answer will be. . . as many as I can.

  2. You goofball!!! Welcome back - hope everybody is healthy again! How is Frank?

  3. I've missed you!

    How many things do you want to change?