Saturday, January 9, 2010

How to Know It's Time toTake Down Your Christmas Tree

1. Your ornaments need dusting. Heck, so do the branches.
2. You buy new furniture and wonder if the wood tones will clash.
3. Your family has gotten used to stowing their shoes under the tree instead of presents.
4. Your kids hang their wet mittens and scarves on the tree to dry.
5. Birds returning from the south keep crash into your window trying to roost in it.
6. You gave your tree a name.
7. Neighbors are suddenly speechless when they stop over for coffee.
8. You wander the aisles at Target looking for boxes of Valentines Day ornaments.
9. You're already planning a theme for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Memorial Day and Fourth of July.
10. Your dog just casually got up from your lap to wonder over and have a drink from the tree stand.


  1. I so would keep my Xmas tree up all year. It's still up, in fact, minus the ornaments. But, alas, someone seems to think that Christmas tree means just Christmas. Bah Humbug to them. LOL

  2. At least the dog just drinks from tree stand and doesn't...well, you know!!!

    Have a very happy New year!!!