Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's been a week of extremes, just like the weather. Some nice sun, and a few dark clouds!
The dark clouds were clouds of frustration. My first home on the internet scrapping world was Scrappy Jo's. It's where I posted my first LO when I finally got brave enough. Unfortunately, the forum's had a bug so I haven't been able to log on all week. I'm going through separation anxiety - I miss my SJ friends! But the SJ store is having a sale so at least I can order my goodies and thank heavens I've found most of my SJ friends on Facebook.
But this week also had two big rays of SUNSHINE. The first is that Scrappy Jo's forum will be back up and running soon - I can't wait! You really should check it out.
The other ray of sunshine was really more of a blinding sunspot of goodness: I made the Card Design Team at My Sketch World! I've followed Lucy Chesna's blog for a long time and I love her sketches, never mind all the inspiration I've gotten from her DT's creations. When I read that she had over 100 submissions for this call, I never bothered to check back right away because it neverinamillionyears occurred to me that I'd make the cut. Never ever. I'm still pinching myself!
I've gotten to meet some really talented and really wonderful designers on Lucy's new forum, so I'm excited to get started. But whoooeee - after seeing how accomplished this DT is, I do have my work cut out for me!
All this good news inspired me to -what else? - make a card. Hope you like it.
And I hope next week brings you lots more sunshine than clouds!


  1. Congrats on making the team! I've had so much trouble with the forum too I hope they sort out the bugs soon.

  2. I love your card. I am so proud of you. It is nice to have another cardmaking buddy. Cardmakers are so misunderstood. lol

    Congrats & Yes, the Scrappy Jo forum is back in business. Now you can flood the gallery with all your wonderful creations again.